Fay’s guide for personal growth and seduction

If you’re in a world where women are competing against each other, I’d like to introduce you to the world of burlesque. In burlesque, women support each other as sisters and everybody (and every body) is celebrated. By respecting yourself and your body, you also learn what to respect in others. Let’s empower each other and make our dreams come true, whatever that dream is!

Fay Loren



Mijn favorite hideaway

I love green! Not just the color, I love to be surrounded by plants and nature.


The Showgirl Workout (for everyone)

It is really important as a performer to stay fit and feel healthy. Besides my burlesque performances (yes, I see that as exercise :-)) I train weekly with my personal trainer Robbert Miedema. 


7 Tips to survive the Glitter Crash

The glitter crash is the burlesque term for the dip you can feel after performing or attending a burlesque show or festival. Here are a few things that help me survive the Glitter Crash!


The showgirl workout (for everyone)

A good morning ritual is vital for me! I don’t have a very structured life due too working late hours and traveling a lot. But I always stick to my morning ritual as it gives me a feeling of being in control of my days. I would definitely recommend everyone to create a morning ritual.