7 Tips to survive the Glitter Crash

7 March 2020

The glitter crash is the burlesque term for the dip you can feel after performing or attending a burlesque show or festival. Here are a few things that help me survive the Glitter Crash!

Performing is just a very intensive activity. Most often I get into a state of hyperfocus and get a rush of energy, which lasts until hours after my show. Unfortunately, it often comes with a slight downer some days later.
When I find myself in a slight crash after some glittery days I do the following things that really help me.

  1. Excise

It always helps me to do something to get my heart racing. I like to go to the gym to train with my trainer Robbert Miedema or follow yoga or Pilates class. A very low-intensity training that I love is yin yoga.

  1. Meditate

I meditate daily around 30 till 45 minutes. When I feel a little down I go for an even longer mediation.

  1. Sleep

When I do a lot of shows my sleeping pattern is completely off. It’s very important to get enough sleep during my free days.

  1. See friends

I tend to isolate myself a bit on days I don’t have to perform. During a show night, I’m surrounded by sometimes familiar but mostly all new people. So on days off I often stay at home to recharge. But I actually feel much better if I go out for dinner or have a drink with a friend.

  1. Eat healthy

During show days it’s difficult for me to eat enough and eat healthy. I’m not allowed to eat a lot of things, like gluten and cow milk. Which makes it difficult to eat out. When I’m at home I always cook a healthy meal for myself with a lot of vegetables. And I skip most processed products containing sugar, like chocolate and sodas.

  1. Be kind to myself

It doesn’t work to get irritated by yourself when you already feel a bit down. A very relaxing thought to have is that I sometimes just need a little time, patience and self care to feel better.

  1. See art (museum theatre)

It’s very nice to see beautiful paintings, fascinating pictures or a glorifying opera when you feel a little uninspired yourself. Go out and explore