Fay Loren Burlesque


Burlesque shows by Holland’s best-known burlesque dancer, Fay Loren

Burlesque is a dance that celebrates femininity. Burlesque became popular in the roaring 20’s and is now back and here to stay! In her acts Fay shows an elegant performance with an emphasis on the tease. Fay’s acts are always classic and sophisticated.

Would you like to book Fay for an unforgettable party or event? Are you looking for an act for an unforgettable party or maybe a surprise act for a birthday, please fill in the contact form on the contact page.

Fay likes to think along about the most suitable acts for your party. Fay’s acts are very suitable for corporate events and parties, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Individual burlesque acts are between 5 and 15 minutes. Multiple acts can be booked in one evening. Fay gives performances all over the world, from Las Vegas to Istanbul and was featured in the TV program SPLNTR!, seen on the on the main stage of the Paradiso and on the cover of Het Parool.


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Burlesque show
Performance Full Show

Custom Burlesque show

Are you organizing the party of the century? Or do you have a sparkling idea that Fay Loren should not miss? Opt for a full evening burlesque program with Fay & friends.

Champagne act
Solo or group act

Champagne glass act

The Champagne Act is the most iconic burlesque show! This luxurious act guarantees a splashing party. The Champagne Act is suitable for corporate or private events and is often booked for parties with a Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s theme. For extra spectacle, book this act with 2 or 4 backup dancers!


Taart act Pop out cake act
Solo Act

Pop out cake show


A delicious surprise act! In this act fay pops out of a giant pink cake. This act is perfect for birthdays and weddings!  There are several options of this act available.

Taart act


Fandance burlesque Fay Loren
Group Act

Fan dance

A burlesque show just isn’t complete without a fabulous fan dance! This elegant yet playful act shimmers with color and class. During this performance, Fay is joined by two dazzling showgirls, or two handsome showboys.


Burlesque act Miss Rouge
Solo Act

Miss Rouge

The ultimate Showgirl act! A mix of the Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe. With a breathtaking costume, decorated with more than 7000 Swarovski crystals. Fay sings Why Don’t you do Right and then turns into a sophisticated striptease.

Burlesque danseres Fay Loren danst een waaierdans


Fay Loren burlesque dancer dances her gentlelady act
Solo Act

Gentlelady act


This act, inspired by film noir, is a mixture of cabaret, magic, and burlesque. In this act, Fay enters the stage dressed in a tuxedo and top hat. Over the course of the performance she reveals every layer of her enchanting costume and teases audiences with a sophisticated fan dance. This act combines live singing and dancing.


Always elegant: A show by Fay Loren

Craft an unforgettable evening with a show from Fay Loren — her acts are always sophisticated and elegant.

Burlesque is traditionally a striptease, and most shows are a proud display of g-strings and panties. But if that’s not suitable for your event, no need to worry. You can request a “dressed up” version of any of Fay’s acts for a show that brings the vintage burlesque vibe but which is appropriate for all events and audiences. Just select one of the shows above, and get in touch with Fay to discuss the possibilities. You can also ask Fay to create a show tailored specifically for your event.

As a burlesque dancer, Fay is inspired by generations of women who embrace elegance and power. Burlesque artists have performed on stages across Europe and the United States for hundreds of years. The word “burlesque” actually comes from the Italian word for “joke”. At first, burlesque was known for exaggerated characters, parodies, and drag performances. It was theater for all walks of life.

Burlesque dancing makes a comeback

The burlesque heyday was from the 1860s until the 1940s. British star Lydia Thompson introduced the art form to the United States in 1868 after a successful burlesque, dance, and acting career across Europe and Russia. Her shows brimmed with humor, parodies, dancing, and singing, and the central theme of it all was the empowerment of women.

In the early 1900s, burlesque matured into the art form we currently know and love: variety shows with burlesque artists in fabulous costumes. In these variety shows, comedy acts were combined with stripteases. One of the most famous artists in history is Gypsy Rose Lee.

In the 1990s, burlesque made a comeback. This new burlesque movement is also known as Neo-Burlesque. The most famous artist since this comeback is Dita von Teese.

Today, burlesque is more alive than ever. As we roll into the Roaring Twenties once again, movies like The Great Gatsby and shows like Peaky Blinders are reviving burlesque once again.