Custom burlesque show


Custom burlesque show

Throwing the party of the century? Or do you have a spectacular event concept that Fay should be part of? Fay is a creative at heart, and nothing makes her happier than bringing burlesque to a new level. If there is something specific you want, she can offer a 100% custom-made show that’s guaranteed to entertain.

From talent to costumes to choreography, Fay can help you craft a full evening show filled with background dancers, singers, acrobats, and more. As an international artist with a large network, she has access to some of the most sought-after talent across Europe. Together, she and other artists can create an entire world of vintage glamour and high-end entertainment that will leave your crowd speechless. These tailor-made burlesque and variety productions are perfect for any venue you can imagine.

Some ideas:

  • Fay with background dancers
  • Custom-made act built around a song you love
  • Full evening cabaret with international artists

Reach out to explore the possibilities.


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