My favorite hideaway

Darling Fay, I’ve been following your Instagram account for ages and I noticed your love for green. Not just the color but I see you are often surrounded by plants. Are they attracted by your perfume? What’s the deal.

Hi Rosie, green is the color of virility and love. As I live in a small Amsterdam apartment with a garden, I tend to spend lots of my time off here.  We have several fruit trees growing, and I have a little greenhouse where I grow tomatoes, eggplants, and different kind of herbs.

That sounds lush! How did you get into this growing hobby?

Before I became a full-time burlesque performer I studied nutrition and I worked for a company that created systems for urban farming. We created rooftop gardens with edible crops, like lettuce and fresh herbs. I even wrote my (price winning!) theses about the possibilities to grow veggies in the city of Amsterdam. I questioned whether we could feed all citizens from city-grown food, and yes, it’s possible!

Cool, so you are a real expert on city greenery. Do you have any tips for people without a garden to enjoy green in the Amsterdam?

I think it’s extremely important in a city to have enough green spots for its citizens to recharge and learn about nature. One of my absolute favorite green spots is De Hortus. De Hortus is a 375 years old botanical garden in de center of Amsterdam. It’s a beautiful garden with several greenhouses with different climates, including a butterfly greenhouse, and of course a restaurant where you can enjoy a tasty lunch.

Overall it’s just the perfect hideaway!

Coat by Ginger Jackie
Dress by Very Cherry