Silk veiled headband

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Veiled headband with true vintage silk veiling. 
This gorgeous headband is designed and made in collaboration with Demure Couture Hat

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Veiled headband made with true vintage silk veiling on a black thin headband.

Can be worn in 5 ways:
-Covering the whole face
-Covering the eyes
-As a headband with the veiling on top of the head
-In combination with your favorite hat

This gorgeous veiled headband is made by my friend Yuki from Demure Couture Amsterdam.

About Yuki from Demure Couture Amsterdam
Yuki is originally form Osaka, Japan. She moved to London at 23 and worked there as a millinery for Vivian Westwood. In 2016 she opened her own store/studio in the centre of Amsterdam where she makes and sells couture hats and accessories. She is dedication to the use of traditional techniques to achieve modern and luxurious aesthetics. 

We became friends because of our mutual love for high quality hand made products. We are both advocates for fair trade and high quality and with this headband we would like that to become available to you!

Made in collaboration with Demure Couture Hat
Exclusively available on this website
Handmade in Amsterdam