The Showgirl Workout (for everyone)

Darling, tell me, what do you do to stay in shape? 

Well Rosie, as you know it’s really important as a performer to stay fit and feel healthy. Besides my burlesque performances (yes, I see that as exercise :-)) I train weekly with my personal trainer Robbert Miedema.

What kind of training do you do?

I like to do squats, deadlifts, v-ups…

Hold on, what do you do? 

Haha Rosie, I know it sounds complicated, but it’s not!
I made this little video with my personal trainer to show my favorite exercises.

You can do this at home or at the gym.

Special thanks to:
My personal trainer Robbert Miedema 
And LPRD for the amazing sportswear!


Yes I do squats. Wearing the LPRD

Neko Jusu Is my favorite sports drink.

My trainer Robbert Miedema is really strong haha

Perfect combination! LPRD and Neko Jusu

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I would love to recommend Susie Q Vintage Photography as a Non-Performer Vote. And some of our dutch performers who also deserve a place on this list are Miss Behave, Natsumi Scarlett, Busty La Tish and Zizi Zinnona.

Dear you, due to dyslexia it can happen that I mix up some letters in words, thank you for understanding.